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From 1992 to 2024




Harvard University Art & Architecture/ Yale University Art/ Columbia University/ UPenn / 

Cornell University Art & Architecture/ Carnegie Mellon University Art & Architecture / Brown / Johns Hopkins/ UCLA/ Wellesley/ Fordham/ NYU/ RISD/ Parsons/ Pratt/ SAIC/ MICA/ CalArts/ ArtCenter/ FIT/ SCAD/ NYID/ ​Cooper Union Art & Architecture etc. 24,972 cases

The total scholarship has amounted to $298,000,000


Global TOP 10 Art & Design School with Scholarships

100% Acceptance Rate

Since 1992, There are more than 2,398 students of ours have been accepted

to IVY and Art & Design schools in the US and UK from our NY, NJ, and Seoul, Korea locations

+ IVY +

Cornell Art / Architecture-105 Students

Columbia Graduate School---19 Students

Columbia Undergraduate School--25 Students

Yale Undergraduate---------21 Students

Yale Graduate School---9 Students

Harvard ------12 Students

Brown University Dual Major-----18 Students

Upenn -----14 Students

+ Art & Design School +

RISD-----480 Students

Carnegie Mellon-----82 Students

NYU * Parsons * Pratt * SVA

SAIC * MICA * CalArts * ArtCenter

FIT * NYID * etc 25,990 cases

** ** **


+ Cooper Union +


Suhyun Kim, Manesset High School

Hyung Wook Choi, Accepted to Art/Architecture

Westchester Irvington High School,

JiHae Kim, Brooklin Tech.

Simon Ko,Laguadia High School

Jessica M,Edgemont High School

Dakyoung Lee, E,R Murrow High School

JungHoon Beck, Northvale High School

Richard Yoo, Floral High School

HyoKyunh Choai, NY Long Island high School

Young Chan Son, Northern Valey High School

Sang Min Shin , Northern Valey High School

Cathy Yoo, Bayside High School

Sopia Yoon,Bayside High School

Caren H, Bayside High School

Hyena W,La Guardia High School

Ji Hwan Kim, Fort Lee High School

Young Jin Choai, Tenafly High School

Hyung Y, Bronx Sci.

Jung Yoon Tae, Edison High School

Hae Ran Park, Forest High School

Jiyoung Sim, La Guardia High School

Jena Kim, NJ Tenafly High School

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