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The Leader of Global Art Education



In 1992 New York, MANHATTAN ART was first founded art education center for college admissions around Korea and United States America by Sang Heo. We have taught fundamental art and major works for admission art, design, and architecture area and have been accepted from Cooper Union College on a 4-year scholarship, 20,3000 acceptance with 190 million scholarships from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, U Penn, Rhode Island School of Design, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, NYU, Parsons, SVA, SAIC, SCAD, MICA and Pratt, etc.


Founder Sang Heo graduated from Hong Ik University of Korea and graduate school. He selected the Tokyo Biennale of Yomiuri News Paper as an artist of 100 artists in the world in 1986. He immigrated to the United States from Korea in 1992 and transferred School of Visual Arts. After 4 years, he has taken of BFA degree in fine art major. Last 24 years, he has developed projects for a portfolio of admission art schools. The other way, introduce the distinctive art schools in the United States. So, he has led an art education portfolio of fundamental and foundation fields.


He has been reporting about the subjects for < Original American Art Foundation> < How to prepare art portfolio> also, until now the articles have been reviewed by many students interested in it. Since 1992, Manhattan Art has grown to become the largest art education center in the USA and Korea has a traditional history of studio art and fundamental art for 24 years old. We have only kept a depth of academic and scholastic art unlike children's art, commercial art, and decoration art for markets. From 150 art schools around the world, MANHATTAN ART is recognized as a “Qualified fundamental Art Education”

World 1
Portrait I
Watercolor I
Gesture Drawing I
Hands I
New York City I
Portrait II
Spider Web I
Nude Drawing I
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