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This Program Provides A Full Range Of Planning Service From Preparing Portfolio To Getting Admission Letter


Our Admission management program helps each student's admission process easier and quicker for those who apply all Art and Design Schools and Universities around the world. We help students prepare every feature of the portfolio application process, and even help students follow up after college admittance. We stay up to date by maintaining direct contact with schools annually. We manage each student's application from beginning to end, from choosing the right school, compiling everything needed for the portfolio application. All fees are included in the Manhattan Art tuition to help students and parents of all the burdens of all the burdens that can come with time consuming college application.

You need to apply for this application agency service at least 3months before the application deadline.


1. Application Process Assistance
2. Recommendation Letters
3. Report Test Result to Schools
4. Selection of Artwork for Portfolio
5. Professional Portfolio Photo Shoot
6. Slideroom Upload Assistance
7. Essay Revision (500-750 words)
8. Transcript Evaluation
9. Resume Assistance
10. Prepare for School Interviews

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